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3 years ago
22 Sep 2011
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HackNow Winner: Luis Iván Cuende

HackNow is a contest we ran over the summer, challenging the young developers in Europe to come up with innovative, useful and novel applications or hacks. We received around 300 applications from the under-18 year old technical talent in Europe and the quality was superb.

The winner was clear. The 15-year old Luis Iván Cuende from Spain, with his distributed web-tech based desktop, Asturix On, presented at the HackFwd Build 07 to a great reception. Asturix On tackles a challenge at the very edge of development in distributed personal computing, and Luis Ivan’s passion and expertise for his project comes through loud and clear. Luis Iván received the first prize of €5,000 and the latest Android phone – and a standing ovation from the HackFwd audience. Watch Luis Iván’s talk above, and see his slides here.

The second and third prizes go to Ivan Liljeqvist and Peter Sandtner. Ivan’s Simkoll is a full-featured app for swimming training, planning and tracking, and he too created the product out of his personal need for a solution. Peter’s is a smart goal tracker, sharer and reporting tool. HackFwd and the judges congratulate all the winners and the participants. We will also publish comments about the top 10 projects on the HackNow Facebook page

In our business, we want to support the top geeks in Europe and help them create successful companies. We also want to support the European ecosystem as a whole, and reaching out to the emerging talent in Europe is a part of this. This first round of HackNow was very successful, and we hope to replicate this success next year in an even bigger way.


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