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2 years ago
30 Apr 2012
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BeamApp - Most Innovative App at The Next Web

BeamApp's Heiko Behrens demoing the product at The Next Web conferenceHackFwd’s BeamApp was initially participating in The Next Web conference in Amsterdam to find developers for a limited number of API keys they are making available, until the event organizers pulled Heiko up on stage to pitch with a ‘wildcard’ - an invitation to the startup contest. Heiko prepared for his pitch all of 30 minutes, and the jury was duly wowed, awarding BeamApp the Most Innovative award of the conference. Here’s TNW on BeamApp:

BeamApp was another wildcard…and it is pretty awesome. It lets you share content seamlessly between devices, by ‘beaming’ content. You see a telephone number on a Web page or in a PDF on your desktop? BeamApp enables you to dial the number instantly from your mobile phone. And it also lets you play music and videos between devices, as well as a whole host of other content. It’s still in private beta, and we’ll be sure to bring you more on this startup shortly.

Here’s the article on all the Startup Rally winners on TNW.


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