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3 years ago
30 Jun 2011
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HackFwd welcomes Web FWD

HackFwd would like to welcome Mozilla to the Fwd’s! Mozilla recently launched an accelerator program named Web FWD. We like the name (almost too much). They also have a great taste in design, although their flowchart about the experience looks a bit bare, while we like our flowchart about the experience a bit more varied. Rolling admissions are a great idea, too, as is making clear what you offer and what you look for – makes the entire process much more transparent. Like any good startup program, it is important to have a great mentors, and workshops with colourful post-it notes. For your convenience, notice that you can change the path of the links to compare the content directly, i.e. and We would also like to express our hope that Mozilla didn’t pay for the concept or the site design. Or market research. Or lawyers, for that matter. What did they say was the most sincere form of flattery? 

Joking aside, the tech press has noticed the mushrooming of startup programs and incubators, too. We observe this as well (and not always as obviously, though in this case we certainly heard from a lot of people who have gotten to know HackFwd in the last year). These new programs are raising to meet a demand, which is driven by the revolution in the software industry. Two days ago, Mark Suster wrote an awesome article on why and how the change in the software industry is driving the change in the VC industry. This means that levels of financing will change, and that increasingly the various VCs and startup programs will specialize in certain stages or categories. We can see this as well, and strongly recommend a clear differentiation and unique edge to any startup programs and accelerators. Especially the new ones.


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