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4 years ago
24 Jun 2010
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Our Virtual Front Door

Since our launch, we’ve received a large number of emails with project ideas.  You may not have seen on our website that we actually don’t accept direct applications.  Any projects evaluated by HackFwd will come via our referral network, consisting of our Board, Staff, Referrers and HackFwd Companies.  One of these individuals must agree to refer your project to the evaluation committee.  Why on earth are you structured this way, you ask?  HackFwd believes great people will seek to work with other great people.  We’ve assembled (and continue to add to) our community at HackFwd which we rely on to act as the “front door” to the house.  If you have a great idea, you have to get through this virtual front door.  Assuming your idea meets all the criteria, getting referred in comes with the benefit of receiving your first mentor in the community, not to mention a stamp of approval from someone we trust thus increasing your chances of success.  

Now you say, well I don’t know any of these people so now what do I do? I really want to get the attention of HackFwd.  Consider this, without a bit of solid networking skills, your chances of startup success are already doomed.  Some statistics show as much as 75% of new business deals come from referrals and relationships.  The same number holds true for finding a job.  With a bit of effort, you can strategically identify someone in the community who looks best suited to help you with your idea.  Telling you where to find them seems obvious, but try Linkedin, Twitter, Xing, Blogs or just plain search.  We would be surprised if you couldn’t find some means to make initial contact with anyone in our community.  

OK, so you’ve found your contact.  Let us give you a few handy tips which will work to your advantage.  Always keep in mind that everyone in the community is extremely busy and receives hundreds of emails every day. What does this mean?  Make your first impression a lasting impression. Take the time to craft your message and make it attractive from the beginning. “Check out this site”, “Give me a call”, “I have a great idea, let me know if you want to see it”, etc is not going to work.  Don’t write a novel, but get the essential information on the table so your contact can make a quick decision on whether or not to move your idea forward.

Need ideas on what to include in your introduction mail?  Check out Our Offer (PDF) which clearly outlines what we expect and what we offer. Making sure you understand this first will save everyone loads of time.


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